Custom Homes

We pride ourselves on being a top home builder on the Eastern Shore. You bring us your wish list and we’ll make your dream home a reality. We work directly with you every step of the way to create the perfect design that suits your needs and wants. Our experienced team is up to the task and we guarantee 100% satisfaction every time. Contact us now to setup a consultation and get started building your dream home!


We will work with you on designing a home to fit your lifestyle and vision, and more importantly to fit your lot. Every lot gives us different buildable areas and can dictate width, depth and in some places even height. We will use your ideas, your needs and design concepts to come up with a final plan, once we have that completed we can then price the house. If you already have plans from a designer or an Architect that meet local codes then we can build from those plans also. We welcome working with new engineers and architects. Designing generally takes anywhere from 3 to 4 sit down meetings or emailing back and for the with changes to get the home designed to meet your final approval. Designing time frame can take 4-8 weeks depending on how many changes are made and the complexity of the house. During this timeframe we will also discuss options for flooring, siding, roofing, cabinets, fixtures, exterior landscaping, doors and window styles so we can be ready to start pricing once the plans are completed. Let's get started, give a us call!


Once plans have been completed and a contract has been signed we will be ready to move forward with the Build. Throughout the building timeframe; you will have certain dates that selections will need to be finalized in order to keep the house moving forward, you will also be able to log on to our Builder software to see updated pictures and building schedules as updates occur. This is a great tool especially for customers that live out of town so they can see photo updates and schedules anytime from their tablet or phone. A general custom home build timeframe is approximately 7 months, however some houses can take longer depending on their complexity and size. These schedules will be shared with you from then start of the build and you can see real time adjustments as they happen. As the home is being constructed we will have a few walkthroughs (meetings) scheduled, and please note they will be on weekdays so that the necessary sub contractors, vendors or team members can be present for these meetings. We believe that the build should be an exciting and fun experience for our clients and we do our best to make it that way. We want you to enjoy every minute of the Building Process and the Creation of your new home!